by Punkwitch

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Songs from surgical struggles; trauma music


released November 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Punkwitch Oakland, California

I'm just a queer trans harpy on the run for stealing hearts

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Track Name: GRS
I try so very hard to do what I need too
But it's not easy when your not even sure how how
Lying in bed waiting for my lungs to give out
Before dehydration sets in from all my crying

My girlfriend is dying in the other room
She’s all stitched up but still suffers from a open wound
My heads been pounding loudly going on three months
I’m breaking down; But she's got her own wounds to bleed from

Every day is exactly the same
Waking up to you
Amnesia dreaming
I wish I could steal yours, but you have it too

Acid’s pouring down between my legs
My spoons are melting along with all of my skin
My doctor says it’s happening in my head
Which one does she mean when I’ve got more than one?

There’s a ghost rummaging through my closet
I see them in the mirror every day
They buried me on a hill in Burlingame
I’m not dead yet, but I can’t move so I may as well be

Every day is exactly the same
Waking up to you
Amnesia dreaming
I wish I could steal yours, but you have it too

Recovering from GRS is hard
Recovering from GRS is really fucking hard
Track Name: Harpy or Human
In 2013 you walked into a Berkeley harpy’s den
She sang a lovely melody, stole your heart and then laid you to bed
Now her wings are broken and she’s screeching loud, there is just no end
She’s got you screaming too, all alone and drifting towards the edge

Are you harpy or are you human?
Are you harpy or are you human?

Flying kites out by the bay, dreaming of the day she can fly with them
Watching the bright city, high above where you can see everything
Holding her body tight, feathers dig into your side, but you don’t care
You’re with her in her dreams, are they yours now to believe? Your chest is unmended

Are you harpy or are you human?
Are you harpy or are you human?
Track Name: Withdrawing
I saw you there
Felt you close
Heard you saying something
Like maybe how's it going?
I miss you! Congratulations!

Quarantined in a room
With yellow walls
And blackout blinds
My home's forgotten where the heart is
A stranger in my own apartment
Do you wanna hear my pitch?
I'm selling myself short
As a victim in this

I taught myself
To play guitar
To sing out every illness
Living hell as a statistic
Every day I live to beat it

Tempest meows all night long
Drives me nuts
Calm's my puppy's madness
Belly rubs, glass marble eyes
These pets of mine can hear me crying
They love me still
Or what approximates it I guess
Even while I've lost myself
I'm found in little bits
Track Name: Dana
Help me
I need to restart my heart

Help me
I cannot find my life

But you can’t give me what has always been mine
And I can’t give you what I cannot find

There’s a well between my legs and I’m drowning at the bottom
You’re pumping out the water but it keeps refilling

What did I do to deserve all of you?
Oh Dana, I do believe that I love you
Track Name: Someday Kiddo
Hey there kiddo;
You’re looking so adorable
Eyes lit bright and wide
You say stupid things and it makes me stupid crazy
I must be in love with you

I don’t know just where it is that I’ve gone
And I’m frantically looking for home
When I’m with you, I swear that I’ve found it
But my acid trip steals me away

Hey there kiddo;
You’re looking so down on yourself
Puppies aren't meant to be sad
I know that you miss me and I swear that I’m coming back
Someday we’ll meet again

Lost in the drift
Bouncing back and forth
I’ve still no answers for this
Even as I’ve laying down
With my lungs giving out
There’s always a breath of air somewhere
Track Name: Something Something
I saw you
One last time

Eyes half open barely
Catching the seconds slipping
Brain wet and foggy
Damp earth growing something sundering

Missing you
Empty platitudes
I’m still disbelieving you’ve disappeared

You’ve given me a voice to sing with
If not for you, I’d still be breathing
What do I do? My heart’s still beating
Making choices every day

Always the brightest note
Bitter punk trash: It’s ironic I know

20’000 leagues a Nemo
Wandering the wastes of memory
Still I hold a piece of you closely
I love you perpetually
Track Name: I am
I am sorry for what’s been undone
I am sorry for what’s been unsaid
I am sorry for everything
But know that I still love you
It’s been years since we have talked about anything at all
I’m still livin in yesterday
hiding away living on my on
Trapped in a cycle I can't break
Still you stay fastly at my side
You’ve given me everything everything everything
Even in these trying times you’ve reached out me
I'm so thankful for all you’ve done
We may share so little in common
But your family and that’s enough
I don’t know as much of you as I'd like
Though I know that you love me very much
I love you dad
I love you mom
I'm so thankful to call you my parents